Everyone has questions when buying or selling a home.  It would be impossible to list all of them here.  Instead, here are some questions you should ask.

Are you licensed?

Absolutely.  Orlando Real Estate LLC is a licensed Real Estate Company in the State of Florida.  To be a licensed real estate company you must have a designated licensed Real Estate Broker.  Rodger Marty is the licensed Real Estate Broker.  He has been a licensed Broker in Florida since 2001 and has held multiple Broker licenses (which only mean he was the Broker for several companies at once).

Do you work only during the week?

That would be great for us but disastrous for you.  We work when you need us to work.  This is our chosen career and we are serious about it.  Fortunately we have a great team so if we happen to be on a scheduled vacation we have the resources to take care of your needs.

Can you help us with other things?

Of course! You may have read that we owned a Property Management company for many years.  We are no longer in that business, but if you are buying an investment property we have the experience you need, and the management contacts for your on-going venture.  We also know where the driver's license bureau is, have great insurance contacts, know reliable mortgage professionals, where the closest soccer league is, who makes the best pizza, and on and on and on.  Just ask.